1836 Moscow by Baldwin and Cradock

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Re: 1836 Moscow by Baldwin and Cradock

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Один из оригиналов этой карты находится в коллекции карт Гарвардского Университета. Вот что указано в качестве дополнительной информации к этой карте:

A Harvard University Library Virtual Collection
<Moscow = : Moskvi> / drawn by W. B. Clarke, Archt., engraved by B. R. Davies.
Moscow = : Москвы [sic]
[ca. 1:33,000].
Clarke, W. B., creator
Davies, Benjamin Rees.
Charles Knight & Co
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)
Digital Object
[Harvard Geospatial Library georeferenced image] http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:HUL.gisdata:011142937
Digital Object
[Harvard Map Collection copy image] http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:FHCL:1202598?buttons=y
Networked Resource

Map Coll (Pusey)
Place of Origin
Publishd under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge [by] Charles Knight & Co.
1 map : col. ; 33 x 36 cm.
cartographic map

Pictorial works
Moscow (Russia) -- Maps ; Moscow (Russia) -- Pictorial works

Ill. below map entitled : "View from Sparrow Hill. The Novo-Devitchei Monastery in the Foreground".
Ill. at upper left corner entitled: "Church of the Assumption in the Kremlin".
"191" near imprint at lower margin.
Non-Latin script record.

In English and Russian (including romanized Russian)

Available also as a digital image through the Harvard University Web site.
Other Title
Harvard Map Collection digital maps. Imaging the Urban Environment
Other Title
Harvard Map Collection digital maps. Russia (Federation). Moscow

Moscow, Russia, 1836 (Raster Image)

Abstract: This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: [Moscow = Moskvi], drawn by W. B. Clarke, Archt., engraved by B. R. Davies. It was published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge [by] Charles Knight & Co. in 1836. Scale [ca. 1:33,000]. Covers Moscow, Russia. Map in English and Russian (including romanized Russian). The image inside the map neatline is georeferenced to the surface of the earth and fit to the 'Pulkovo 1995 Gauss Kruger Zone 7N' coordinate system. All map collar and inset information is also available as part of the raster image, including any inset maps, profiles, statistical tables, directories, text, illustrations, index maps, legends, or other information associated with the principal map. This map shows features such as roads, drainage, built-up areas and selected buildings, bridges, ground cover, fortification, and more. Includes illustrations. This layer is part of a selection of digitally scanned and georeferenced historic maps from The Harvard Map Collection as part of the Imaging the Urban Environment project. Maps selected for this project represent major urban areas and cities of the world, at various time periods. These maps typically portray both natural and manmade features at a large scale. The selection represents a range of regions, originators, ground condition dates, scales, and purposes.

Purpose: Historic paper maps can provide an excellent view of the changes that have occurred in the cultural and physical landscape. The wide range of information provided on these maps make them useful in the study of historic geography, and urban and rural land use change. As this map has been georeferenced, it can be used in a GIS as a source or background layer in conjunction with other GIS data.
Time Period of Content: 1836

Created By:

* Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library
* Clarke, W. B.
* Davies, Benjamin Rees.
* Charles Knight & Co.
* Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)

Publication Date:200903

Theme Keywords:
Maps, Human settlements, Cities and towns, Land use, Landforms, Infrastructure (Economics), Transportation, Bodies of water, imageryBaseMapsEarthCover
Place Keywords:
Russia, Moscow

Access Limits: None
Usage Limits: For educational, non-commercial use only.
Data Form: map

Contact Information:
Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library
Harvard Map Collection
Pusey Library
Harvard University
Cambridge, MAUSA02138
Data Quality Information:
Horizontal Accuracy:The horizontal positional accuracy of a raster image is approximately the same as the accuracy of the published source map. The lack of a greater accuracy is largely the result of the inaccuracies with the original measurements and possible distortions in the original paper map document. There may also be errors introduced during the digitizing and georeferencing process. For instance, this raster image was georeferenced to another georeferenced image, which may have its own positional inaccuracies (see "Process Steps"). In most cases, however, errors in the raster image are small compared with sources of error in the original map graphic. The RMS error for this map is 28.72705 meters. This value describes how consistent the transformation is between the different control points (links). The RMS error is only an assessment of the accuracy of the transformation.

Source:[Moscow = Moskvi].,Clarke, W. B.Davies, Benjamin Rees.Charles Knight & Co.Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)
Source scale: 1:33000

Processing Steps:
Description: Production of this raster image began with the scanning of the paper map on a high-resolution scanner: (Betterlight, Super8K2 scanning back camera and ViewFinder 5.x capture software). Maps were photographed at a copy stand. A vacuum easel was used to keep the maps flat during photography. The imaging specification was designed to produce detailed "Archival Master" images that, to the extent possible, are faithful reproductions of the originals, and that allow for highly detailed screen reproduction and print reproduction at up 1:1. Images in this collection were processed using Adobe Photoshop. Color and tonal corrections were made using Adobe Photoshop. Image files were viewed on a calibrated monitor. Editing was performed in an ISO 3664 compliant proofing environment. Master Image files were corrected and archived as TIFF files in the sRGB IEC611966-2.1 color-space. When possible files were batch processed using an "action" script derived from edits applied to match a representative sample.

Description: Using ArcMap 9.2 software, the digital TIFF image was georeferenced to common points located on the following scanned, georeferenced paper map: Moscow, published by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in 1957 at a scale of 1:35,000. This map was scanned at 300 dpi and then georeferenced to the four sets of UTM coordinates in the 'European Datum 1950 UTM Zone 37N' coordinate system with an RMS error of 7.05133 meters. The digital TIFF image was georeferenced to the above-listed map using the 'Pulkovo_1995_Gauss_Kruger_Zone_7N' (ESRI) coordinate system. A world file (.tfwx) and an .aux.xml file were automatically generated and saved in association with the digital TIFF image. See 'Horizontal Accuracy' for the RMS error of this TIFF image. Please note that the projection will need to be defined by the user in order to display the image with other projected data and the world file will need to be stored in the same root directory as the image.

Spatial Reference Information
Projection Information: Transverse Mercator
Longitude of Central Meridian: 39.000000
Latitude of Projection Origin: 0.000000
False Easting: 500000.000000
False Northing: 0.000000
Scale Factor at Central Meridian: 1.000000

Planar Distance Units: meters
Horizontal Datum: D_Pulkovo_1995
Ellipsoid Name: Krasovsky_1940

Entity and Attribute Information
Overview: The indexes reference a color palette of RGB values from 0 through 255, representing the color value from the original paper sheet map. The colors on that sheet can represent relief, drainage, vegetation, populated places, cultural features, coastal hydrography, transportation features (roads, railroads, tracks and trails), spot elevations and boundaries. The colors are sometimes explained in a legend that is incorporated into the map inset or collar.
Detail Citation: Not applicable.
Distribution Information
Distributed by: Harvard University Library
Harvard Geospatial Librarymailing and physical address
Office For Information Systems
Cambridge, MA02138
Resource description: Downloadable Data
Although this data set has been developed by Harvard University, no warranty expressed or implied is made by the University as to the accuracy of the data and related materials. The act of distribution shall not constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the University in the use of this data, or related materials.Data format: TIFF
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Re: 1836 Moscow by Baldwin and Cradock

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Карта обновлена - теперь используется более качественный скан карты.
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