Здесь размещаются старые карты мира, частей света, а также карты, охватывающие территорию несколько стран

Карта мира издания Колтона 1857 года % World map

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Карта мира издания Колтона 1857 года % World map

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Colton took over the publishing of this map from Johnson in 1849. This is a later Colton issue. Many updates have been made in North America, the Arctic, Africa, and elsewhere. The journey of a Frenchman around the world in 1854 to 1857 is shown in manuscript with interesting notes on the travel. Two stickers on the outside of the case are French in origin, further indicating that the map was most likely purchased in Paris by the Frenchman at the end of his journey in 1857 - showing that Colton was selling his maps in Europe at that time and that his maps were competitive with European maps - at least our traveler thought so. See our 1847 first edition by Johnson. Full color map with silk edging, dissected into 20 sections. Folds into half leather brown cloth covered boards 38x41 with ties, titled "Colton's World. New-York" stamped in gilt.
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